How to use t-shirts to promote your business like a big brand

This guest blog post has been written by Matt Brussels, Founder of the T-Shirt Bakery. Matt completed his training on the New Enterprise Allowance with PeoplePlus Enterprise. His business is now running smoothly and he has some wisdom to share… Have you ever noticed that big brands have their logos everywhere? Sure, they have much bigger budgets than small independent companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t copy their strategies to promote your business. The T-Shirt Bakery has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands in various business sectors. Over the years we have learnt how big brands use t-shirts in creative ways to drive customer confidence and promote their brands to wider audiences. Below are 7 big brand strategies you can use to promote your business or brand with t-shirts. 1. Dress to impress   Dressing your staff in brand uniforms is a must for any business. They act like walking billboards advertising your brand or business both at your premises and when they go for lunch or travel home in the evening. Your staff are ambassadors for your business, having them look the part with smartly dressed uniforms reflects well on your business as a whole. Branded uniforms can inspire a team mentality making them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Also, studies have shown that a staff uniform can increase productivity and a sense of belonging. Make sure your logo is prominently displayed on both the front and rear of your uniform. You should also include your website address as this is a vital role in your marketing efforts. 80% of all business searches start online, so don’t ignore this, make it work for you. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a staff uniform, we have written an article on this subject – Top 8 Reasons for wearing a printed work uniform. 2. Handing out samples Your team members should always be dressed in promotional shirts when your business is carrying out a street campaign, or marketing at an event. Doing marketing in person outside your business premises or in other public places is a clever way to meet customers face to face and promote your brand or service directly to them. If you own a food business, why not give out samples or any product that’s easy to demo and distribute on the go? When your staff are wearing branded t-shirts, this task improves your brand recognition and projects a more professional image. Make sure that your t-shirt design has your company name and logo prominently displayed on both the front and rear, also include your website address to increase your marketing efforts. Recruit your most influential staff members to interact with the public and ask survey questions or fun trivia. You can reward people who sign up for a newsletter or loyalty card with a free t-shirt to help spread your brand or company message. 3. Follow-up after a customer service issue Although you work to provide […]