Evy Valuez Self-employment

Evy Goldman in Eccles Library

One of our Start Smart customers, Evy, has made it into the Business Manchester news this week! Evy started working with us while starting up his own digital marketing agency. Originally Evy was referred by the GC Business Growth Hub as he had expressed an interest in starting his own business. Unfortunately, he lacked knowledge of certain business fundamentals to start for himself. He had worked for various companies before including Google & Capita. This was when he decided that he could offer the same service to customers for a better price.  However, his main concern was that as he didn’t have any experience at being self-employed he would not be able to manage his time, finances, marketing etc. He did not feel confident about starting the company alone. After speaking with PeoplePlus Enterprise advisor Gavin Williams, it was clear that he would need several 1-2-1 sessions and a clear pricing strategy to reflect the true value of his service.   Evy met regularly with Gavin in order to put together a sustainable business plan. This outlines his target audience and how best to reach them. Together they positioned Evy as a ‘Digital Marketing Trainer’, and have since set him up with […]

How to use t-shirts to promote your business like a big brand

This guest blog post has been written by Matt Brussels, Founder of the T-Shirt Bakery. Matt completed his training on the New Enterprise Allowance with PeoplePlus Enterprise. His business is now running smoothly and he has some wisdom to share… Have you ever noticed that big brands have their logos everywhere? Sure, they have much bigger budgets than small independent companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t copy their strategies to promote your business. The T-Shirt Bakery has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands in various business sectors. Over the years we have learnt how big brands use t-shirts in creative ways to drive customer confidence and promote their brands to wider audiences. Below are 7 big brand strategies you can use to promote your business or brand with t-shirts. 1. Dress to impress   Dressing your staff in brand uniforms is a must for any business. They act like walking billboards advertising your brand or business both at your premises and when they go for lunch or travel home in the evening. Your staff are ambassadors for your business, having them look the part with smartly dressed uniforms reflects well on your business as a whole. Branded uniforms can […]