This is part of a new project to explore the issues individuals face when going into self-employment aged 50 and over.

This could be issues around IT, social media, mental health, marketing etc. The Age Friendly workshops are run in partnership with Manchester City Council and the Business & Intellectual Property Centre at Manchester Library.

In order to attend the workshops, you must be aged 50+ and be living in South Manchester under Manchester City Council.

Did you know?

The majority of GM’s residents aged 50-64 are economically inactive (nearly 60%).

Nearly 63,000 people aged 55-64 in GM were claiming DWP benefits in May 2016, accounting for over a quarter of all benefit claimants.

Amongst older people, 50,000 people experience pensioner poverty in GM, reflecting experiences of long-term unemployment and chronic ill-health.

Employment rates of people aged 50-64 are lower in GM than the UK average, with forecasts suggesting this performance gap will not close over time.

This is where self-employment comes in. Being self-employed gives people the freedom to work when they want or can, to work around their family life, with many residents over 50 being responsible for grand children; self-employment can be a great help. But with self-employment comes challenges and that is what we want to explore and eradicate at this forum.


To learn more or register your interest:

Email: with the subject line ‘Age Friendly Workshops’

Call: 0161 507 6366

Learn more about Manchester City Council’s work with the Age Friendly team here.