We recently completed delivering our Enterprise Learning Plus programme supporting people into self-employment through classroom teaching and online learning. We used The Enterprise Hub to guide our learners through the stages of starting a business from idea generation, acquiring customers, promoting your business and building relationships through to sales, networking and growth.

Kevin, one of our learners on the programme, decided to do the course fully online with the help of The Enterprise Hub. We asked him why;

“I wanted to be able to do the learning as and when I wanted so liked the idea of being able to work at my own pace. I liked being able to be at home but still learn.”

“I found the system really easy to navigate. The tone of the learning was just right. It wasn’t patronising but it wasn’t too technical straight away. It built up my understanding as I went along so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the business terminology. It started to sink in.”

Kevin worked with our business advisor Arthur in Liverpool to start his own business as a driving instructor and after completing the course he is now up and running with his business. He is working around Prescot & Huyton and is still in touch with Arthur on a regular basis in case he needs anything further.

At PeoplePlus Enterprise we know that everyone learns differently and that’s why we’ve built into The Enterprise Hub a variety of different resources from videos, blog posts, podcasts, how-to guides, download-able content and more to present the journey through self-employment in a way that’s accessible for everyone. Every business is different just as every person is different, so why would your learning be the same?

You can try The Enterprise Hub for yourself and see how it works for your customers or your business here: https://peopleplus.co.uk/about-self-employment/the-enterprise-hub/