The EnterprisingYou programme offers health and wellbeing support to self-employed participants because we know that running a business can be challenging, stressful and testing at times.

We offer support from webinars on a range of wellbeing topics like resilience, fitness, diet and sleep; to 1-2-1 appointments with our experienced wellbeing coach.

John is one of the participants on the programme, below is his story told by our wellbeing specialist – Naomi.

John has had some excellent improvements since starting EnterprisingYou. John has lost 5kg in weight, he has upped his physical activity tremendously and is now walking 4/5 miles a day as part of his regular routine. He is now running regularly and is feeling better for being more active.

He has also stated his productivity in general has improved and he is now spending quality time working towards his business goals. John said “lots of positives” from his Health & Wellbeing journey.

His mental health has improved as a result of being more active and productive. John feels that due to his overall wellbeing improving he is more confident and has become more sociable, which was an area of concern pre-covid. John has also found himself in a better headspace concerning his finances and feels more resilient towards improving this moving forward.

What steps did we take with John?

  • * John gained strategies for improving his mental wellbeing as well as his physical health.
  • * He utilised these strategies to improve his overall productivity which is helping him through covid.
  • * Now he has a better understanding of his needs, how to look out for poor mental wellbeing and how to prevent this.
  • * He has gained motivation for improving his physical health through increased exercise and is now focusing on nutrition.
  • * John has gained an excellent attitude for long term healthier change.

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