Welcome to the People Plus Enterprise Hub

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub is a unique start-up business tool. With a mix of expert articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, guides and downloads covering all stages of starting and growing a business, the Enterprise Hub gives you all the information that you need to make the best decisions.

With your own personal log-in and password, you can personalise the Hub to your own requirements and ensure that you maximise its value to you and your business.

Please take a look at the video opposite, which gives you a brief overview of the PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub.

To find out more and see a live demo – email: enterprise@peopleplus.co.uk

Key Stages of the Enterprise Journey

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub has been divided into 6 clear stages of starting and growing a business. These are: Before You Start, Planning and Research, Finance, Legal, Sales and Marketing and Growth.

Each section has a mix of content to be accessed anywhere, at any time. With straightforward navigation, you can find the topics that you are looking for with ease, adding any articles, blogs, podcasts or videos to your favourites section so that you can view all the useful information for your business in one place.

Learning Your Way

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub has been designed with you in mind. People learn in different ways, either by carrying out tasks, visual, written or through listening.

That’s why the PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub delivers content in a number of formats, both visual, audio and written to ensure that you learn in the best way for you.

With full mobile compatibility, the Enterprise Hub has been created to fit around your lifestyle, enabling access whether travelling on public transport, at home, in an office or on-site.

For All Your Business Needs

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub contains information regarding all aspects of a business.

From information about tax through to setting up a Facebook page, the Hub is a one-stop resource for all your business needs.

The Hub also enables you to feedback on the content within. Whether you have a question about the content or you wish to simply give some feedback, you can speak to a live operator via Live Chat or submit feedback via a contact form. There is always additional support when you need it.

Using the PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub is the ideal tool for those who are considering starting a business, or those who are already actively engaged in a business activity but want to understand more about certain aspects of a business. The Enterprise Hub is simple to use, even for those with limited IT skills and has been designed with the user in mind. To register to use the PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub, simply click on the link below and register your details. You will then be given your own username and password to start using the Hub!

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