Business Start-Ups and Business Support

Are you a Local Enterprise Partnership, College, Council, Housing Association or private sector business that needs to provide an enterprise service? If so, we have the capability and track record to design and tailor a solution for you.

With over 45,000 businesses created with our support, we are a nationally recognised Business Support organisation accredited by SFEDI, the government-recognised, not-for-profit standards setting body for both Business Enterprise and Business Support.

85% of the Businesses we help create sustain to 12 months.

Self-employment is on the rise. 15% of the UK is Self-employed, that is forecast to rise to 1 in 6 by 2018 and 1 in 5 by 2020*

Most employment contracts and providers do not include a Self-employment offer, but most could.

22% of PeoplePlus’s outcomes on the Work Programme came from Self-employment, more than any other prime contract.

People’s lifestyles are changing, Self-employment is flexible around health or childcare.

Types of jobs are shifting, more consultants, contractors and rise in the Gig Economy.

We want to support this change.

*Source RSA & Citizens Advice

We Can Help

We can offer Business Start-up advice and Business Support to residents and students, reduce the risk for landlords and housing associations and improve employability and destination rates and offer services for redundancy.

We can provide a full enterprise service for organisations that need to offer business growth and support capabilities but lack the resources.

If you have an existing enterprise service which has been affected by lack of funding, we can work with your team and provide support.

If you have a current employment contract that does not fully involve or support the Self-employed we can help.