Your digital tool for start-up success.

More than 50% of new businesses struggle in their first year, and an increasing lack of training, support and access to accurate information, can all contribute. This is where we can help.

The Enterprise Hub is an interactive online platform with a wealth of information, resources and knowledge designed to support small businesses. Each piece of content on The Enterprise Hub has been curated or created by experts in the self-employment industry. With articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, how-to guides, download-able content and graphics; The Enterprise Hub has something to suit every industry.

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An online learning platform to guide SMEs through their self-employment journey.

PeoplePlus has helped support over 100,000 businesses set up by delivering first class self-employment support and training. We’ve harnessed that 30 years of experience as industry leading business advisors to create an online portal full of self-employment support resources.

Where you come in

If you’re affected when small businesses struggle, you could help your customer base that are self-employed.

Perhaps you work in the public sector and have residents that are small businesses, maybe you’re a finance company who supports SMEs, or an organisation that has self-employed employees.

Whether you have residents, customers, learners or constituents who are self-employed, giving them access to a suite of online learning can improve their chances with 80% of the businesses we support making it to year 2.

The Enterprise Hub can support your people and be fully tailored to your needs offering a wealth of benefits including:

 Adaptable Content – Tailored to your sector and area

In your Branding – Customers can directly attribute their success to you

A Live Chat Function – Expert advice at their fingertips

CRM Capabilities – Link to your existing database and monitor use

 Cost Effective – An affordable alternative to costly outreach programmes

Up to Date – We’re constantly updating the platform by pooling our years of expertise

Complement your Service – A stand alone provision or a bolt-on to your existing offer

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub is the ideal tool for those who are considering starting a business, and if you as an employer, funder or stakeholder have a vested interest or obligation to support the self-employed in your area; The Enterprise Hub can be the perfect solution for your business.

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    Sharon Mayo, Senior Growth Manager, Stockport Council